[ANN] Lexing Control, providing a XojoScriptEditor

[ANN] Lexing Plugin control is a syntax coloring editor. It has been updated and comes in xojo_plugin and rbx formats. Together with the plugins, a new sample project is provided that does XojoScript syntax coloring, does compiler error warnings showing the position in the text, together with the error. It does compiler warnings as well and you can run the script (you will need to set the context in the run command, the source is set automatically). The project will save the source when issuing the run command. The sample project is called XojoScriptEditor. You may want to visit www.vanhoekplugins.com. Also, if you are interested and not being nagged by a window you can purchase the plugin for a decent $25 to build a standalone application (Mac, Windows), or use the demo version for the zero dollar amount. The demo will run in debug mode without a nagging window, providing the same functionality as the “pro” version. Thus, it can be used freely like you can use Xojo freely.