(Ann) IDE Communicator Tester with CustomEditField

IDE Communicator is the best thing since sliced bread was invented. But my script to build my apps was growing and growing. Each time I made an error I had to hand count the line numbers in the script. Therefore, I added the CustomEditField to the IDE Communicator Tester. Now I have nice line numbers like this:

There is also a weird red line. But as I only use the project internally I didn’t bother to fix the problem. The example is available at https://www.mothsoftware.com/content/xojo/xojo.php . The example loads the IDE script from a file. I did no saving back to the file so that I don’t accidentally change the script.

That line is likely at the 80th character position.

And I believe you can turn it off by setting DisplayRightMarginMarker = False for the CustomEditField.

It’s a feature and not a bug? Too funny. I’ll have a look.

The character column line is a pretty standard professional text editor feature, BBEdit has one too :slight_smile: