[ANN] I Wish I Knew How To... Program Word with Xojo in Windows

I Wish I Knew How To… Program Word with Xojo in Windows

If you need reports that can be edited after printing, or can be saved in
multiple formats such as the common docx or pdf format, then this book is
for you. Most business applications require the famous Windows operating
system and is the standard around the world. This book provides an
introductory and intermediate steps with over 100 examples to get you on
your way to make successful applications.

There is one plugin which is supplied by Xojo that needs to be included in
the Plugins folder. This book contains over 250 pages and explains every
example in detail.

Over 100 examples include:

Printing Tables
Text modification
Mail Merging
…and more!
Download the Table of Contents to view the book topics.

This is one of the many books available for Xojo programming at RB Library
where many great Xojo resources are available.