[ANN] Arbed 1.7.2 released for Xojo release 4

Release 4 of Xojo has made a few small changes to the project file formats, so I’ve updated Arbed to go along with it.

More info here: http://www.tempel.org/Arbed

It says ““Arbed” can’t be opened because it is from an unidentified developer.” and if I try to do an ‘Open Anyway’ from System Preferences->Secrity & Privacy, then it does not open either… Play it again, Sam.

Works fine here. What if you right-click and select Open from the popup menu?

Oiliver, which OSX version are you using, exactly? And try what Tim says.

Also, up to just now the Windows and Linux versions had all black icons and images(it’s that known but hard to find bug since Xojo r2. Quitting the IDE and rebuilding helped). Fixed now. If you got the bad version, just download again.

Hmm - I redownloaded and then followed Tim’s advice. The warning ‘unidentified blahblah…’ shows up again, but then I can open it anyway. This morning it works.

Last night I have updated to OSX 10.9.1 from 10.9, I wonder if this had an effect?
I cannot determine whether the re-download solved the issue or the update of OSX.

Anyway, now it works. (But why don’t you just codesign it?)

Oh - it IS codesigned!
I just dragged Arbed onto App Wrapper which shows the codesigning. However there is a Gatekeeper validation: Rejected.

@Oliver: Yeah, that must be another new “feature” in 10.9 - most of my apps that were not rejected in 10.8 suddenly do not open in 10.9. Just one (my new PrefsEditor) opens fine in 10.9, and I cannot figure out what the difference is.

I’ve now signed ALL dylibs, including Xojo’s, and finally GateKeeper is happy with Arbed, FAF and iBored again. Sigh, what a pain, Apple!

Alright, I’ve released 1.7.3 that fixes the GateKeeper issue and also enables editing of Enums, Structs and Build Scripts.