Animation Control

Good morning. Can someone me ?? I need a ImageWell inside a window moving from right to center when i open the window, Thanks

Check out Animation Kit.

If you project is web, web apps have an Animator control built in.

Thanks for the quick response. But there is no way to do so without Animation Kit . Is a Desktop app

Animation kit is for Desktop. Just download and have a look.

I’m trying The animation kit But now I find a problem ; I can’t do the horizontal motion Example : With this command : [ AlphaBG.animate new realbasic.rect ( AlphaBG.left , 294 AlphaBG.width , AlphaBG.height ) , 2 AlphaBGAnimation.listindex ] Imagine that I can to bring it above the window in this position : left=492-Top= 294 ; The animation starts from the top down . I tried to move The image to the side of the window to have the same effect as in horizontal From Left to Right . I Used this command : [ AlphaBG.animate new realbasic.rect ( , 492 , AlphaBG.width , AlphaBG.height ) , 2 AlphaBGAnimation.listindex ] but the result is not as expected .

something like this ?

Great… Thank you Axel

change mytimer.Action to

dim moveleft as integer = 5 dim i as integer = (main.width / 2 - iw.width / 2) / moveleft iw.left = iw.left - moveleft mycount = mycount + 1 if mycount = i then me.mode = 0 end if

then you can vary the speed by changing moveleft

My apologies Nico, I did get your PM and intended to reply the next morning, but then forgot. I’m glad you were able to find the help you needed.

No Problem Thom ,Thanks to Axel I found a solution , But surely some knowledge in most can not make me bad.So if u want can show me theAnimation Kit’s solution

Unfortunately, I don’t know what the problem is. I see from Axel’s project that the well moves into the center of the window. The code you posted looks like it would work fine to move the ImageWell vertically. You would use the Left parameter of the REALbasic.Rect constructor to change the left position. The rect parameter is used to describe where you want the control to be when the animation completes.