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news about xojo for android ?

Yes. It’s the next big thing for Xojo 2021.


I saw, thanks, but in the roadmap there is not the most important thing … the future release date

That’s the idea…

With some luck, if API 2 delivers, iOS projects should largely be reusable for Android.

Although I found out by experience with other development tools that one cannot blindly copy, say, an iOS UI into an Android one. Because some controls are simply not available, like Switch, or because they don’t look at all the same, like TextFields, which look like boxes under iOS, and a single line under Android.

At any rate, I found out by porting apps to mobile, that the most difficult part is not so much logic, as it is UI design.

For clarity, better keep the number of controls on a view reasonable. Better break a feature into several views, rather than stuff everything into a crowded screen.

That rule is already advisable for Desktop, but for mobile, with bitty screens, it becomes paramount.

having played with iOS and API2 / Mobilennn controls, I have found:

Some controls only work if you use the iOS versions
API2 is quite comfortable if you start from scratch.
I’ve prototyped a Split View app for iPad - I dont think Split View as a concept exists on Android, so I may need (as Michel says) to rejig the UI. Maybe container controls will help.

Under Android, split view is available in Samsung tablets, but it is far from being as simple as in an iPad.

If you look into blogs, you will see one by Geof where he says that Xojo never provides a release date. And he explains why. In my own words the product will be delivered when it’s ready. Some other companies release a piece of software at the announced time, whether or not it’s ready. Please anybody, don’t reply about Web 2.0.

There has been a video presentation of the progress of Android project last year.

Great joke!

By the roadmap, maybe will be in 2021 R1, but, as it happened last year, that first release could be any moment in the year.

You new to Xojo??? :thinking:

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Nope, not new to Xojo. Check what Geof stated in the past, something like Why I never give a delivery date.

Oh, I know what he said … :roll_eyes:

But that’s not the bit that I quoted from your post (so I’m a bit puzzled about your reply).

I have problems with “features are released when they are ready”, though I guess technically that depends on what you consider ready. If the definition is “when it compiles without falling over” then sure, you’re right. But if the definition is “working without problems or workarounds needed” then no.

Case in point: the new header that crashed in the HeaderBackgroundPaint event and had (and has) major visual glitches. Or the new date control that shows up 5 pixels above the set top coordinate (has anyone at Xojo run it even ONCE?) - easy to work around in the Open event with

me.top = me.top - 5

but soo unnecessary.

So would I expect Android to be “ready for production work” when it is released? Based on my experience: no.


When Xojo iOS came to be I had been expecting it for a while. Las, it took tons of declares to do most stuff, including very basic like controls color.

After a lot of work, I finally posted an app in the App Store. But when I tried to port a bigger app from Desktop, in spite of great help with declares from dtPlugins, it appeared the task was simply impossible.

That was several years ago, and I see lately that iOS got a lot more love.

But I wish now Xojo had not released prematurely.

I had to turn to other development tools since, but I will still like playing with Xojo Android when it is released. I just hope it is truly complete. Especially since declares will be a lot less easy than under iOS.

This may indeed go similar to iOS.

Someday a tester version will show up with Android included. Later a first release with Android will be presented, but it may be more like a preview with a lot of things to be done for another release later.

Sadly with no conferences, there is no regular update with a keynote from Geoff.

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When it comes to a keynote, this can perfectly be given online.

Last Spring in lieu of our conference, we did release video keynotes as well as an Android video. Those are available on YouTube here: https://www.youtube.com/c/XojoInc/videos along with other videos from past conferences.

Please keep an eye on our blog for updates on Android.