Android pre-release woes

Anyone know why the android pre-release is only available to a select few and not the rest of us, whats the thinking here ?.
I mean we have all paid for a license so shouldn’t we get to have a go with it too…

I’m sat here desperate to find other ways to make an android app while i could be using xojo.
if i could test xojo android now I would be ready to buy on release, but what i predict will happen is that they will release it and then we will all spend 6 -12 months writing code instead of buying it…

Your thoughts ?

Do you mean that you are pre-release user but can’t run the android version or that you are not a pre-release user?

You can register as a pre-release user by sending an email to

It depends on which license you paid for – not all license types will be eligible to build Android apps when it is released. See this blog entry which says in part:

If you have a current license and are part of the Testers forum channel, you should see a new Android sub-category for this special Android Pre-Release, with download links. You need a current Pro or iOS (soon to become Mobile) license to test for Android. If you have any questions please contact us at

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@Steve_Dorn You should now be able to see the Testers channel now to access the Android pre-release. As @Douglas_Handy said, you do need to have a Xojo iOS or Pro license to build Android apps.

If anyone else is interested in pre-release access please email


Hi Dana & Douglas, I cant seem to find the download link for the life of me, the link in Douglas’s post takes you to a blog and the link in the blog brings you back to the forum ?

Pre-release software is downloaded from the forum. Look for a Testers category, specifically Android inside that. I think this was the latest topic with a download:

Thanks Ian, I managed to download it.

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