Android device to read sqlite data from desktop app (in the same network)

What would be the easiest way to get my desktop xojo app to communicate some of its sqlite data to an android mobile device (sharing the same network) ?

I had thought developing a simple android app to connect to the sqlite file in the PC in the network and just read the data… But I am not finding resources on that and also that would involve a steep learning curve…

Any ideas ?

no matter what, the android need software to either pull the data or recieve data being pushed to it, and Xojo cannot help with that

Hey Dave,

I also had the hope that there might be a way to access sqlite data through a browser…

I guess I’ll post this in Basic4Android forums…

Ideas or clues to learning resources on this subject are also welcome…

You could add a server socket to your desktop project and dish up the data in JSON or XML format. Your B4A app could then request data from the desktop app. This is also the safest way to connect to a sqlite database on another device.

The easiest way to do that would be to create a small Xojo Web app that the Android device can access. That way you can develop an identical UI as your desktop app, and access the database the very same way.

Even if you do not have a Web license, you can experiment with Xojo Web very easily by running the app into the IDE. The Android device will simply have to point to your desktop computer’s IP address, which you find in the Network Preferences on the Mac, or in the Network Adapter status on PC. Then just do in the Android browser, simply add http:// before and :8080 after the IP address. Of course, is my own address, yours will be different.

That way you do need any app on the Android device.

PS : Note that you need the PC to be discoverable, and turn off Stealth mode in the Mac firewall.

+1 for the web app, easiest way to connect from almost any device
and the web app can connect localy to the sql database.

I knew there was a simpler way than learning how to use another programming environment.

Plus, I can alose reuse code from the main app… lovely…

I’ll try Michel’s suggestion in first place… thanks!