Android Development Environment

From those with experience what are the recommendations for Android development environments that are either similar to Xojo or would the fastest learning curve?

that would violate the forum rules about advertising competitors products :slight_smile:

MIT App Inventor. Very easy to learn.

android studio is pretty straight forward to get & use

I don’t want to break forum rules either but as Xojo doesn’t currently have support for Android perhaps it’s OK for me to say that I’ve been developing the Android version of my Xojo iOS app using B4A and it’s not bad at all. The language isn’t as sophisticated as Xojo’s, and the IDE falls way short of Xojo’s, but a fair bit of my code can be copied and pasted between Xojo and B4A and runs with only a few changes.

Thanks everyone. I didn’t think it would be a problem as Xojo doesn’t support Android yet and it was important to get a recommend from someone that uses Xojo. Cheers Martin