Android control layout

Is it possible to design completely different control layouts for portrait and landscape layouts?
The current version does not seem to be able to independently set different style layouts for portrait and landscape orientation.

You could use the MobileScreen.OrientationChanged event to re-arrange the layout.

What I mean is that different layouts can be devised during the design phase. Instead of two independent Screens.

Options that I can think of:

  1. Rearrange the layout as Jeremie mentions.
  2. Show a different layout as needed.
  3. Display a different container on the screen as needed.

Use Screen1 and Screen2 for different horizontal and vertical screen layouts, and switch the display of different pages during the OrientationChanged time of the two Screens, which can indeed achieve the desired effect. The disadvantage is that you need to copy the same code for the same control.
Of course, it also has advantages. It can implement completely different business logic for horizontal and vertical screens.