Android 2021 Summer Preview?

Did a quick peek at the “Android 2021 Summer Preview”

For sure this is a late April fool joke, right? Or am I missing something?

Where one can download that April’s Fool Joke ?

See Xojo blog

It is not a joke.
The debugger for Android is first shown in that video.

This is great stuff @Xojo !!


If you mean that the joke is that all we got this year is yet another video then yeah, good joke :frowning:


What would you say if the Android version is released with plenty of bugs ? Let me guess, you would call that a . . . joke ?

Looks like a damn if you do, damn if you don’t.


Nobody wants to see it released full of bugs.

However, it has taken them several years to reach this stage, nobody knows when it will be released and when it does appear it is going to be missing key features which will possibly make it unusable.

All at the expense of addressing the existing IDE, debugger, compiler and framework bugs and missing functionality.


You do understand that we’re not all working on Android, right?


I do.

The current state of Xojo clearly indicates that there aren’t enough engineers to address the existing IDE, debugger, compiler and framework bugs / missing functionality so adding a new target means that the current situation is going to get worse and not better.


“Just because a woman can make a baby in nine months, it does not follow that nine women can make a baby in one month.”


True. But they can make 9 babies.


Uh, who want’s nine babies at once!

We already have 8 babies that don’t get much love so bringing the Android baby into the world will make 9.
IDE baby
Compiler baby
Debugger baby
macOS Framework baby
Windows Framework baby
Linux Framework baby
iOS Framework baby
Web Framework baby
Android baby


But there is not only one parent and sometimes there are twins…
And I’m pretty sure you understood what I meant.

I did understand what you meant, but your original quote seemed to indicate that I was asking for more resources to be put into Android which I wasn’t.

Very nice preview.
I do hope HTMLViewer will offer evaluateJavaScript, and offer some way to return values from JavaScript.

Although very nice, native controls don’t offer much in terms of grid. In my current Android apps created with another tool, I use an HTML table to show spreadsheet presentation of data.

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You’re totally right.

Just like iOS and Web 2.0. And lots of bugs…

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Yes. iOS now has plugins which allows MBS, Einhuger + others to plug the many holes but Xojo Web has always seemed like a bad half baked idea to me.

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