Analyze Project - where are results?

Today I decided to clean up my code a bit and ran “Analyze Project” to remove unused variables and address other issues. Xojo put up a progress bar to let me know it was doing something, but now I cannot find the results of the analysis. Where did they move to? I have run this many times in previous versions and the results (I think) appeared in a new tab.


I have found that 9 x out of 10, Analyze project does nothing (worked find in RS2012)
that 1 time it DOES work, the results show up in the bottom window .

I do so hope they get most of the bugs out of this IDE so I can get back to being productive again

Thanks, Dave. After reading your comment I ran “Analyze Project” ten times in a row without success. However, in looking through everything I could find, I noticed a switch called “Profile Code” under Build Settings > Shared. I clicked this “on” and now Analyze Project works… all the time. I agree with you about getting the IDE right (I still cannot debug on my office computer without it crashing) but this is probably not a bug - just a very obscure way to do things.

It seems that is would be better to disable the “Analyze Project” menuitem until a user discovers that they need to turn on “Profile Code” in order to see any results. Or perhaps just show results when someone runs “Analyze Project” even if Profile Code is off.


Analyze project should not require Profile Code. If you’re having this problem, its a bug.

OK, Greg. I can reproduce it 100% of the time (by turning on/off the Profile Code switch), but my project is huge and not appropriate for uploading. How should I proceed? Do you want me to file a bug report through Feedback?


I spoke too soon. Now I can turn off the Profile Code switch and still run Analyze Project. Could having turned it on the first time set something else to enable the profiling to work? (although that does not explain how I could toggle it on an off before). I haven’t even quit Xojo and restarted… it has remained open all evening while I was posting here.


where is the “Profile Code” switch???

Build Settings → Shared. 3 up from the bottom.

found it… another “intuitive feature” of the new IDE

In Xojo 2013r4.1, I have to toggle the ‘Profile Code’ menu option each time before I select ‘Analyze Project’ to have it display the found issues/warnings. Otherwise as others have noted here the compile occurs and then nothing. Silence. I’m not that good.

Searching for ‘Analyze Project’ in returns a lot of different cases. Looks like this one is the first one that the others should be merged with?


IMO even if all bugs are solved, productivity will never be good with this IDE. The biggest cause of that is the long list of design faults.

That is not helpful or relevant to this thread.

Looks like we may need to merge few cases for this one, but it looks like it is fixed for 2014r1.


[quote=63990:@Paul Lefebvre]Looks like we may need to merge few cases for this one, but it looks like it is fixed for 2014r1.

At least on Mac, I just checked and it works right away every time :slight_smile:

I asked this a long time ago: put a Profile button in the Toolbar. That would make things easier to switch it on/off

Added a feedback feature request for this:

Yes, I had the problem too but it is working fine with 2014r1 (beta)