An equivalence of 'diff' on Xojo projects?

Hello all,

Does the IDE have a simple function to see the difference between two Xojo projects? I just want to see the changes in the code, without getting into the version control, etc.


There is Arbed for binary and xml projects: Thomas Tempelmann | Arbed - The Powerful Project Editor for Xojo


Does Arbed still work on 2023 projects? It does not appear to have been updated recently.


I have been using Arbed on Xojo 2022r3 projects. If you find a problem you can send Thomas an email.

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Thanks, I will give it a try!

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I see what you wrote, but hosting (also private) Projects on GitHub is for free and you can see your Diff’s from everywhere.

Since i’ve started using VC Systems, i did never create another Project without using a VC System. :slight_smile: