An App worth downloading for developers

I have just downloaded “Dash” from the MAS from which you can then download the full Xojo document set and others. Search speed is phenomenal. Great but of kit. Worth taking a look.

For those of you that searched for “dash” like I did and found 500 games created for 8 year old girls, the app is called “Dash (Docs & Snippets)” and it’s in the Developer Tools category.

Wow, Dash is really nice!

Both Xojo and Monkeybread Plugins have dash docsets.

This looks great! Seems like an awesomely helpful little app, especially the search profiles & the ability to switch between groups of Docsets for different development environments.

Here is the info/link for the MBS docset:

It’s easily worth the little money the developer asks for! :slight_smile:

The Xojo documentation project was started from Garry Pettet this summer and it was a GREAT idea.
Then I wrote a syntax hilighter for Xojo snippets and submitted to the Dash developer.
See here the full thread:

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My appologies. You didn’t find anything else worth downloading then Geoff?

I love Dash.

You can also install an SQLite docset for those of you who use the inbuilt db engine in Xojo.

I use Dash for several months now and it is a good app but … it is very buggy and crashes a lot (just checked the crash reports and found about 50). But when it works, it is indeed a fine app.

You can Google “snippet manager” for similar apps… particularly for Windows & Linux (since Dash is OSX-based). doesn’t look too shabby either.

that is strange. I have it on multiple computers (MBP/MBA/Mini) and I dont have crashes. I am running the latest Mt Lion on all of them. I havent jumped to Mavericks yet.

Come to think of it… if Xojo offered a snippet manager built INTO the IDE… wowzers! That’d be… awesome? Am I wishfully thinking?

Trust me … use it for some weeks and it will crash randomly on queries. The dev is aware of this.

Anyhow, I still use it now and then but I do not register until it is stable. For free it works fine too (with some nag popups).

No crashed here either. I’ve been using it daily for months. Works fine on Mavericks too :slight_smile:
Love it!

[quote=44696:@Albin Kiland]No crashed here either. I’ve been using it daily for months. Works fine on Mavericks too :slight_smile:
Love it![/quote]

Same here. Since I discovered it, it’s a permanent part of my Dock and almost always loaded. What I also love is that it doesn’t use up a giant amount of RAM. The same doc page open in Safari (either Xojo doc or MBS doc) uses hundreds of megabytes while the entire Dash app uses under 100MB most of the time.

(I used to have a Safari window with nothing but about a dozen different documentation tabs open on it. It really caused Safari to bloat and use 1GB+ of RAM. I haven’t tried that under Mavericks, so maybe it’s better there as Safari as a whole is way better, but with Dash I don’t have the problem at all and it’s way faster to find things.)

It only searches page titles though
The LR does a full text search
There are trade offs in both ways of doing this

One other fancy thing is that it can live in only the menu bar if you have lots of other stuff in your dock :slight_smile: