An App Store for Xojo developers?

I’m launching this topic to know if developers will be interested by one place to sell their apps for macOS, Windows and Linux. All apps powered by Xojo only. Similar 30% commission for sales.

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One already exists, see Xojo: Store under Extras

Oh you mean for finished apps not developer apps.

There’s also but there’s no call to buy on there.

It’s more a store for addons and developers, yeah I’m talking about a friendly store for users. Not something geek, something fun to use, to discover great apps made with Xojo with a focus on quality. No place for crap apps.

Besides the Major OS App Stores and other current sites for selling I say yes , never hurts to get more eyes on what you want to sell.

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Xojo only apps? that is a tiny ecosystem, and by the comments here, looks like most of the apps are for internal/private use. There are some great comercial apps but with a catalog so small, that store will likely not get a lot of traction/interest/traffic

With little public, it is not attractive to pay any commission, let alone the
same commission than the store that offers millions of posible customers visiting it daily :thinking:


The beginning of something is always tiny. :slight_smile:

Absolutly, and there is nothing wrong with that. The only detail is the lack of room for growth. :confused:

I think the quality of Xojo is getting stronger every year. It’s a true alternative to xCode or other development tools thanks to many plugins. So more quality apps can be build and an app store can help developers to sell their apps to multiple platforms.

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The notion of a “one stop shop” for cross-platform solutions might be attractive. Other than that, I would wonder what the attraction is for prospective customers. Offhand, I don’t imagine that too many app-buyers care about the language that was used.


Agree. The primary interest will be about using native apps on all platforms.

microsoft and apple make it difficult to have apps outside of their shop
and linux are people who expect everything for free by packet manager.
for share/sell my apps i would use official shops and for hobby my ISP…
a shop must have a trustful enviroment, offer security, having a datacenter,
it must care the taxes for all countrys, need staff and much more …

As Jerry said, Users dont care about the language that was used. And also dont care about “native” apps, most of them dont even know what that is or even when an app is native or not.

Who gets to decide if an app is crap?


I doubt that a new marketplace for apps, whether apps created with Xojo or not, can be a success.

Unless you want to throw a lot of money at it (advertising, promotions, marketing ,…). That costs a lot of money (for starters, +$25.000 at least to do it properly, I guess).
Otherwise, such a project is doomed to fail.

I don’t even think such a marketplace is necessary. There are plenty of places and manners to market your software. Quality apps sell, if your apps doesn’t sell … well…

In short, I would not start and waste time on it.

The problem is usually not to have a place to sell.

The problem is to reach customers, especially new ones.

So why should people come to your side and how do you want to get them?

In my experience, there are three things you need to do:

  • Get in on the AppStore
  • Get in on app list sites like MacUpdate (for macOS apps, this is by far the most important and will get you noticed for sure by 90% of all macOS/iOS users).
  • Create a webshop and make it possible for users to buy your software outside the AppStore (for example with FastSpring, Paddle, …)

That’s it. If that doesn’t help selling your app, there is very probably something wrong with the app not being interesting.

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MacUpdate was a great place where to list softwares to sell (and where to find softwares to use). But since they have been bought by MacKeeper it’s not the same. We can’t be sure if a software is at top list because users like it or because the team received money to promote it.

AlternativeTo seems to be honest.

What is your best website to sell/find softwares?

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Didn’t know they were bought by MacKeeper. But the listing still works though (I have an average of +400 hits a day from there listing).
AlternativeTo is good too (more Windows focused I think). DownloadCNET, Softpedia, MacInformer and FileHippo do also create a lot of traffic. Especially if you updated your software.

The sites which charge 30% offer services such as B2B sales, handling international tax, fraud detection, file hosting, licence issuing, accepting a wide range of payment types (card, bank transfer, WD, IDEAL and more)
If the site is a simple product lister, it wouldn’t ‘deserve’ a 30% cut.

If it is to succeed, it needs to handle all of the above, as well as make its presence known.


So the OP also proposed a 30% cut? Hmm… :thinking: