Ampersand in Group Box label

I’m trying to make a group box that’s fairly small so I need to use an ampersand in the name (“Caption”) for the container, for space reasons. But when I enter one in the Inspector it’s removed from display in the window. Are there just forbidden characters in these, or is this a bug? Or is there some other way to get one in there?

Check the documentation

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Thanks. I tried escaping it with a backslash but didn’t know about &&, which is what did the trick.

On Windows, the & tells the system that the following character is the shortcut key for the control. So for example in the label for the File menu you’d specify it as “&File” and then the user will be able to access it with Alt-F. In an effort to preserve cross-platform compatibility, Xojo replicates the behavior where the first & is ignored on Mac and Linux (which don’t have the same type of keyboard shortcut support as Windows).