Amazon stock list

Hi everyone,

First, I wish you a merry Christmas :slight_smile:

I have an Amazon seller account and would like to know if anyone knows how to retrieve the full list of my products for sale.

I searched the Amazon documentation but I have trouble understanding the process.

Anyone have a Xojo sample code to share so I can analyze it ?

Thanks for your help.

So, you are a seller, and you need the list of your own products ?

What about “Manage Inventory” in Seller central, or “Gestion du Stock” in .fr Seller central ?

If you want to do it through the API, you got to sign up for MWS Developer Center

I am a seller myself, and it seems my US login credentials let me log into that site.

There is no Amazon forum for MWS, but there is a contact page to ask questions:

I also happen to be an admin for several Amazon seller groups on Facebook.
Amazon FBA Competitive Edge among others

There are two groups for MWS developers:

you might need to register here

this is the services API for amazon sellers

Thank you so much Michel and Norman.

I just registered on MWS, I’m waiting for Amazon to approve my registration.

I looked at the documentation and I plan to use ‘ListInventorySupply’ to access the list of my products for sale from my Xojo app.