Amazing Xojo, amazing guys

Hi all Xojo developers, users, plugin providers,

I started learning Xojo half a year ago, with the help of you all, now I have my own simple web and windows app running, comparing to the programming language that I am using, Xojo is much much faster in terms of development time. I think I am now in Grade 2 level of this Xojo world.

Just want to say thank you to all of you, helping me in silly, basic, simple questions. You guys are really helpful and amazing.

English is not my mother language, I apologize for my poor English that sometimes I might not express myself clearly.


Don’t, your English is much more natural than you apparently think it is :slight_smile:

… and infinitely better than my Chinese …

do you speak chinese???

About as well as Japanese … but not as well as French, Spanish, or Italian … :wink:

so how many languages can you speak in total??

The Xojo Community is Awesome!

i totally agreed with that… it is super duper Community


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the link work here

Strange. Still the same error. Well, Bob will eventually fix this.

About languages, I did take Japanese about 40 years ago. Very little remains.

But it was a truly new experience, in the sense of mind expansion. Our European languages are similar enough not to represent big cultural shocks.

Japanese, with a completely different vocabulary and syntax, and it’s awfully complex Kanji (ideographs) writing, requires a very big conceptual jump.

In a way, that distant experience made me a lot more confident when encountering new computer languages.

For whatever reason the MySQL server behind the blog died this morning. Tech support is looking into it. Sorry for the interruption.

The blog is back up and running. Feel free to drop by and leave a comment!

Thank you Bob. It is indeed live and kicking :slight_smile:

did u change the theme and style of your blog??? look totally different…

ok. I found my classmate in Grade2.

Yes, just like me jumping from Clarion Legacy to Xojo, a big challenge for me. Hope all of you ??? in the future.

I have seen this too. I think it is the mobile version of the blog wrongly showing on desktop browsers.

Does Klingon count?

Hey tony,Duoduo Zhijiao ,DuoDuozhijiao