Altool not installed from Command Line Tools disk image?

Being temporarily on a secondary computer, I installed Xojo on it and wanted to notarise an app, using AppWrapper; since this computer has not much disk space left, I chose to not install XCode (11 GB…) but downloaded the Command Line Tools from Apple’s website.

I did the install and I can indeed see a new /Developer/CommandLineTools/ folder, with plenty of stuff in there. Anyway, AppWrapper tells me “xcrun: error: unable to find utility “altool”, not a developer tool or in PATH”.
Searching for this on the Internet, usual solutions are to rebuild PATH or similar things, but these solutions won’t work in my edge case: altool isn’t in /Developer/CommandLineTools/usr/bin/ (nor elsewhere), as if Command Line Tools didn’t installed it (but did install the other tools). I’ve not seen anything related to altool being absent of Command Line Tools, so I don’t understand it wasn’t installed.

Anyone knows about a similar problem?

Altool is part of Xcode itself, so you’re going to need to do that download anyway.


Sadly a couple of the tools are only included with Xcode.

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Thank you. I wish this information would be available [more easily] on the Internet, as I’d not have spent much time trying.
I’m going to install XCode on a third computer and will compile on the second one and use AppWrapper on the third :grin:
BTW: on how many computers (of mine) can I legally register AppWrapper?

Can’t wait for the main computer’s replacement graphics card to arrive!

3 computers active at the same time

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“Active” means “turned on” or “used these days”?
I’m asking because I have to be cautious with my current setup.