Alternatives to DynaPDF

I need to export simple TXT to PDF with Xojo, I only found DynaPDF but it’s too expensive for my pockets.
Do you know any cheaper alternatives ?


have you considered writing us an email?
Maybe you only need Starter version?
Maybe you qualify for academic license?

If you are willing to compile the C code yourself, LibHARU is an alternative on Windows and on Linux. As far as I know, the project is orphaned. It is no longer maintained. Debenu used to be an alternative but since Foxit acquired it, the licence price for a single developer jumped from 369 to 1500 USD. (At that price, they can keep it!) The Debenu Lite version is still available for free, but it is feature limited (borderline crippled). If it happens to do what you need, then it is a viable alternative on Windows, OSX and IOS. No Linux support as far as I know.

PDF libraries are either inconvenient or expensive. DynaPDF is a very good choice with Xojo. The Starter edition has most of the common features one needs to generate PDF documents. Plus, it is supported by someone who is very active here on the forums. None of the alternatives offer that.

+1 !

[quote=290914:@Christian Schmitz]have you considered writing us an email?

I just wrote you a PM

You could try phantomJS I use it in a Mac/Windows/web app.

At the XDC conference last week I heard about May be a good fit for what you need.

I used wkhtmltopdf before moving to phantomJS which offers better options (I needed to add a blank page between every odd page for duplex printing).

For a starter solution I would recommend wkhtmltopdf which is easier to use.

i have been using wkhtmltopdf for the last few years.

On OS X, I mean macOS you can use declares.

how do u called the PhantomJS from Xojo??