Alternate use of the Tab key

Until recently, I used alt-esc to place a Tab key [Chr(9)] into a TextField / TextArea.

Many years ago, I used another shortkey, but I was forced to change because of a new OS version tooks it for itself.

Now, Cocoa use it to display some “text processor help” and I need to change once more (a bug report of mine was rejected: in design feature by Cocoa).

Do you have some suggestions ?

Note: In that project, I use the Tab key to move in the Control array (Two TextArea, One Canvas, one ListBox and I skip one TextField), but I also need to place Tabs in my TextAreas.

alt-esc works for me in TextArea in OSX

if Keyboard.AltKey then if asc(key) = 27 then me.SelText = me.SelText + chr(9) return true end if end if

Hi Axel,

thanl you for your kind answer.

What does not works is not esc-tab, but what it produces…

esc-tab shows a selected word (here is is je), and sometimes a Tab is issued, sometimes it is not.

AND: it does that in my standalone applications too.

Get an eye there in Feedback: 37839 - Strange behavior when typing Option-Esc in IDE fields.

After a second reading (sometimes this one is the best), I understand your code. I have to compare it to what I wrote.

And, yes, this is an OS X stuff.

What is wrong with Tab itself without modifier ? Is it not what a user would expect ?