Alt Key Does Something

Other than Alt-Tabbing through multiple windows, I learnt something new today about this key. I needed to get a solid block character into a Word document:

Mind suitably blown…

I have a story about this.
In 2001, I went in Ecuador with my mother and brothers/sister for several weeks. We regularly wrote to your friends in Switzerland. As we didn’t have taken our own computer, we used public computers for that.
The most obvious problem we had to resolve was that the keyboard was a Spanish layout while we had to write french-accented characters (for example, the “é” isn’t available in this Spanish layout). Fortunately, I had learnt about this Alt+number in school and it was the way I chose to write our messages correctly.
You can imagine writing regular sentences with a lot of accented characters (as is the french language full of), having to always stop writing fluently for the alt+number (and, sometimes, misremembering the correct value among the most used ones) was a weird exercice… But this trick saved our communication :wink:

Yesterday I found the killer feature of my new MacBook Air with M1: the fn key is now the emoji key. I don’t know how I lived before using that key.

You mean you no longer have a fn key? It’s also a useful one.

The fn key is still there, but if I only press the fn key and no other key then I get the emoji palette.

Ah, nice!
For what it’s worth, command-control-space does that as well (from the Edit menu).