Alphabetizing project items in the IDE?

Hi all,

Been working on quite a large project and my project contents window is now a bit overwhelming. Even using folders, I find myself struggling to find windows or modules and it’s wasting a lot of time. Is there a way to get the IDE to sort everything alphabetically, both in the main view and within individual folders?

I did a bit of forum searching and the last time this was asked was several years ago and the only solution was to save as an XML project and do the sort in an external program. I only have platform licenses for Windows and Mac, so that’s not an option for me, nor is it really a good solution as you’d have to be doing it constantly. Just wondering if something better has arisen since then.


There’s another thread about this recently, but if you collapse a folder and then hold Option/Alt when you expand it, the items will be alphabetized.

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Thanks, Greg! How can I do this with the entire project contents, ie things that are not in a folder?

You can’t. It was something that I added for myself when I was working on the IDE every day… and just about everything is in a folder.

Thank you for the info.

Just thought I could do a sneaky workaround by making a folder and dragging everything inside, just for the benefits of the alphabetization trick.

Well the IDE chugged for about 3-4 minutes with the pinwheel and then everything in my project was just… gone. I can still run the project, so everything is there, but all nothing is visible any longer in the Contents view. Sooooo that’s not going to work, haha.

Oh well, now I know going forward to begin all new projects with a root folder. Cheers.

Something I started to do with a large project was to place a window and its associated module (etc. eventually) in a folder.
So when I want to work with a perticular window, everything (*) is in a single folder.

(*) of course, excepted FileTypes, and everything that is program wide.

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