Aloe SessionEngine

This morning I released Aloe’s SessionEngine class, which adds support for sessions to Aloe-based Web apps. The new class is included in the latest version of the Aloe Demo App (20171026.0). Also included are CookieEngine (on which SessionEngine has a dependency) and “Demo 7” (which demonstrates the use of SessionEngine).

The Aloe Demo App can be downloaded here:

And finally, just a reminder that I’ll be demonstrating SessionEngine at this afternoon’s VXUG Meeting. To register, visit:



Wonderful Tim. Appreciate the kindness to share with the community

A new version of SessionEngine is now available. With the new version, you can call SessionGet to get a session without a new Session ID being assigned. This is particularly helpful when authenticating AJAX requests.

For example:

Session = App.SessionEngine.SessionGet(AloeRequest.WebRequest, False)

The new version of SessionEngine is included in the Aloe Demo App and can be downloaded here:

On a related note, SessionEngine will be included in the upcoming “AloeExpress.” AloeExpress is a new version of Aloe that’s been designed specifically for use in console apps. I’m planning to release AloeExpress early next year. More info is available here: