Aloe Express - Minimum Xojo Version?

What is the minimum Xojo version that can be reliably used with the current version of Aloe Express?
What I want to do is use it to communicate with an Xojo fat client (actually 2 different ones) on a LAN for DB access and file transfers in both directions, with no more that maybe 10-20 users- and probably more like 5. The service might wind up running on either a Mac or a PC.

The reason I ask about Xojo version is that while I have a current Desktop License, the last version I have a Console License for is 2017R3.

The project I am thinking of doing is one that will not make money so I can’t justify paying $149 for a console license.

Yes, it could be a web app but i don’t have a Web license (I did in RealStudio days and have not used the WE since) , I am very comfortable coding desktop apps and think the end user experience is better with a fat client anyway. Since it is just for internal use, installing fat clients is not an issue.

BTW what would be the down side of doing it as desktop app? I would assume it would use more resources at a minimum.