Allow resources to be included on .xojo_binary_project [Feature Request]

One of the nice things about xojo_binary_project type is that everything is in one file. This is especially useful when posting sample projects.

I’ve been thinking to my self that It would be really nice to be able to include resource files such as pictures in the xojo_binary_project file.

It’s a bit of a pain to post sample projects for feedback or in the forum if they include resources. Perhaps if the xojo_binary_project format would remain the same for compatibility there could be a new project type xojo_complete_project?

I wanted to get input from others before filing a feature request.

Have you tried the File->Collect Project Items feature? It pulls together all the project resources (such as pictures) to be alongside the project file to make it easier for you to make sure you can grab everything.

Yeah That works if you remember. And then zip it, upload it, download it, unzip it…

Compared to save as… upload, download and run.

When downloading it would be especially useful because you could load the project directly from the browser as opposed to opening the folder unzipping the file, finding the project and then running it.

Making significant changes to the binary format (like this) is unlikely at this time
There are already 3 formats and internally we’ve discussed a “new” file format that would deal with a number of issues
This is one of those issues