All Apps in Mac App Store work in Catalina?

There is a Mac Vector drawing App I use quite a bit called Intaglio… The latest update says that release was to updated for High Sierra. The website says nothing about Catalina compatibility… I am wondering when (if) I upgrade, if I would still be able to use it.

Searching on line I find nothing definite… While it is a 64 bit app there apparently is some tool that reports it still has a 32 bit component.

But despite all that, it is still in the App store… Does that mean it would still work fine on Catalina?


I would say there is no guarantee. Check the last updated date and factor that in. Apple does sometimes remove non-compatible apps from the store, but I wouldn’t call it a guarantee that things listed do work. In my opinion a MAS listing from before the release of Catalina is not guaranteed to work on Catalina.

I didn’t trust that Intaglio would make the transition, so during the cyber weekend sales I switched to Affinity Designer and have been much happier since. Designer does not struggle with Noun Project svgs that Intaglio was struggling with. If alternatives are needed, that’s my suggestion :slight_smile:

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I hope Intaglio makes it…

It’s UI is basically like the Mac Apps I used years years ago so there was essentially no learning curve.

I used it to layout all the laboratories when my employer moved to new location (that was a lot of work) a few year back. I also have been using it for doing layout for my bathroom renovation …

It is really good for laying out rooms and doing “what if” designs for rooms (even the tile on the walls!). Layers work really well for various levels of internal detail and making sure everything stays on the same scale.

Is that the case for Affinity Designer? For some reason I was under the impression that was geared towards laying out pages. In any case I suspect i would need to learn an extensive new UI with that!.. but I may have no choice eventually.

  • Karen

I haven’t used either for room layout or visualization. I use them for vector graphics and icons. Designer has layers, yes. You may be thinking of Publisher for page layout.

Of course, I’m also on team don’t-change-my-workflow :slight_smile: I thought the time was right for me to switch. YMMV!

I just took a look at quick look at Affinity designer…

While Intaglio can be used as CAD lite, unless I missed it, it does not look like Affinity Designer is oriented that way.

For example in Intaglio I can define any number of rulers and I can say X points = X Inches (or feet or CM or…)
It has measuring line tool that displays the distance beside it in the defined units as on might in a CAD app. I used that extensively when doing room/lab layout.

I did not see those type of things in Affinity Designer… but maybe they are there and I just missed them.

Before I upgrade I may to get Mohave (or any OS back to High Sierra) working in a VM.