Aliens !

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When I look at the picture the X files theme plays in my head :slight_smile:

I will never cease to be amazed at people incapable to distinguish between Pareidolia and facts. Since the face on Mars, there are now thousands of “alien artifacts” “discovered” by these believers. “I want to believe” has never been more appropriate.

While I would love solid facts about visiting aliens, and after having been part of the French Gepan organization and conducted several investigations, I have to conclude that nothing but unverifiable testimonies and blurred pictures attest of anything.

Plus I encountered a good content of loonies more inclined to seek the spotlight with Münchausen adventures.

In the 80s there was this discussion about massively huge human faces on Mars. It turned out to be an optical illusion.

If you are interested in this topic and have a Netflix account, look for “Unacknowledged” and “Bob Lazar”.

Top 10 Secrets and Mysteries, Conspiracy: Alien Files, Ancient Aliens, and lots more. On Hulu there’s a show called NASA Secrets or something like that which actually offers explanations, in some cases from the astronauts who witnessed things, in addition to the hyperbolic conclusions.

Oh come one
We all know they faked the moon landing because the flag is waving (the arm holding the flag was bent but hey …)
And that sasquatch exists
And that aliens are everywhere (Men in Black was a documentary not an action flick)

Tin foil on !

Zoltan! :stuck_out_tongue:

Capricorn One was also a documentry

It never happened? :confused:

Cap1 was a documentry that showed (proved?) that the Moon Landing was faked :slight_smile:

It was an elaborate fake but, to get the realism, the producers insisted on filming on-location. :slight_smile:

I cannot believe that there are still people who believe the Moon landings are fake. The waving of the flag was because of the bursts of the LEM leaving the Moon surface. NASA clearly explained.

Here is some third party evidence the moon landings are real :

However, the USA was not the first to put a man on the moon. End September 1966 Botswana successfully launched its first space mission to the Moon and succeeded in putting 2 men and 1 woman on the Moon. So it is not America but Africa who won the race to the Moon. Sorry to burst your bubble.

sssssshhhh … wakanda is a secret dude !

Black Panther is a secret dude
Wakanda is a secret place :slight_smile:

Not any longer…

Time to storm Area 51! :stuck_out_tongue:

Area 51 is a hoax
An alien told me that :slight_smile:

[quote=447218:@Norman Palardy]Area 51 is a hoax
An alien told me that :)[/quote]
ET told me that other “aliens” would say Area 51 was a hoax :stuck_out_tongue:

shhhhhhhh … no one knows :slight_smile: