Alias without Target

The bug #59530 has beeb corrected. But . . .
In the past, an alias without target returned itself.
If MyFolderItem is an alias without target, in previous version of Xojo (previous 2022r3) if I did :
MyFolderItemB = MyFolderItemA.Parent.Child(MyFolderItem.Name, True) ' True is the default
MyFolderItemB was MyFolderItemA.
Since Xojo 2022r3 MyFolderItemB = Nil .
It is not documented, I modified all my projects to manage the new way. I just would like to be sure it won’t change again.
Say in another way, is it a bug that MyFolderItemB is Nil or is it the goal (if alias without target)?

@ Beatrix Willius

That might be a side effect of the bug fix. But what is your code supposed to do?

Open an offline item from an alias ?

Previously I used 2 differents ways to know if the target of an alias exists.
Way1 : Check the url paths of the original item and its target:

MyFolderItemB = MyFolderItemA.Parent.Child(MyFolderItem.Name, True)
FlagTargetExist = not(MyFolderItemA.UrlPath = MyFolderItemB.UrlPath)

FlagTargetExist = not(MyFolderItemB.IsAlias)
As I explained, MyFolderItemB remains MyFolderItemA if no target, then it has the same path and stays an alias.

Now MyFolderItemB is Nil and code above generate a bug. I do:
FlagTargetExist = not(MyFolderItemB = Nil)