ALE Some Very Cool Updates:

Hi Everyone,

Version 1.3 is still a while off but it has a whole heap of very cool updates, chief amongst those is thread support and the ability to read from the keyboard and output to the screen. So now you can truly interact with your assembly code. The following code waits in a loop checking for a keyboard press before exiting. It doesn’t seem like much but it was very cool to get it working…



	//Some strings we need
	myEntryStr s, "Press Any Key to Exit "
	myExitStr s, " Yay! You pressed a key"

	//Display the entry message
	mov 1, eax
	mov myEntryStr, ebx
	int 0x21


	//Read a character from the keyboard
	mov 0, eax
	int 0x21

	//Check that a key was pressed
	cmp 0, eax
	je checkKeyloop

	//Display the exit message
	mov 1, eax
	mov myExitStr, ebx
	int 0x21

	//Exit the program
	mov 1,eax
	int 0x80
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