Airport to Hotel?

Should I take a cab or super shuttle? Any other ways to get there?

There’s also a bus evidently that is much cheaper. Austin TX Bus map

Thanks Kevin, came here to say the $1.75 bus from airport to downtown is easy (

If you want to take a cab the hotel is about 11 miles from the airport and it should take about 20 minutes depending on traffic.

I think Uber is operating there now too,

I have noticed that uber works at all/most airports even if they don’t have a deal. Uber the company will say they don’t work there but the drivers will still come get you. For instance, ATL and Uber don’t have an agreement but I have been picked up/dropped off many times now by uber with no driver objecting to it.

Uber ? Taxi ? Shuttle ?
Rent a ferrari and be done with it :stuck_out_tongue:

[quote=181572:@Norman Palardy]Uber ? Taxi ? Shuttle ?
Rent a ferrari and be done with it :P[/quote]

not all of us make “Norm” kind of money…

Lets be honest “Norm Kind of money” = flat broke most of the time :stuck_out_tongue:
I’d really have to charge up the credit card to rent one of those for a day

too sad I can not be there.

Car to GO is another option. I live in Austin and take it from the airport all the time.

When you land reserve the car on the iPhone app.

You take the parking shuttle to the Parking Spot and then jump in the smart car.

They charge by the minute, so the ride is about $13-$15 dollars to the hotel. (They might have a sign up fee; but they frequently waive it)

To avoid a full day of waiting in airports, I am renting a car and driving from Houston.

[1] Is there a shuttle from the airport to the bus? or does the bus begin at the airport? I can’t tell from the map.
[2] What stop is closest to the Raddison? It looks like it might be stop #4 on their map?

Kevin, the bus stop is right outside baggage claim. It’s route 100-Airport Flyer and the Radisson stop is #587 101 Congress & 2nd. On the way back, catch the bus at stop #515 Congress & Ceaser Chavez.

Thanks Tim. Much appreciated. The next task is to make sure that I’ve got $1.75 in correct change! :smiley:

I’m landing around 5:15pm if anyone would like to share a cab or ride the bus together.

I land around 5:40 so you will be at the hotel before I land. thanks!

Normally, I’d wait for you Scott, but I have a lingering cough and congestion. I’m sure I’ll be wiped and just want to check in. :frowning:

I’m scheduled to land at 7:15pm if anyone would like to share a ride.

Arrived at hotel. Bus worked out well. When you turn right onto Congress, request a stop or get off at next stop. Worked out very well.

How long was the bus ride? Are there a lot of stops along the way?