Air Keyboard

So in another thread Michel Bujardet mentioned an app named Air Keyboard, that turns your phone or tablet into a keyboard and touch pad.

My network administrator informs me that I’m a bit behind, since these kind of apps were already in existence a few years back. After installing the app I was pleasantly surprised at the power of this simple little application.

I do the bulk of my work on a Windows PC, with a 101 keyboard and mouse, but are actually finding that with this app, it is more convenient for me to replace my mouse with my phone (e.g. lay down the phone on my desk and permanently use it as a touch pad).

Never mind the benefit of using the app in boardroom meetings for presentations, and in the living room to hook up your PC to you TV.

To try the app for yourself, check out…

Never thought 15 years ago that my phone might one day replace my computer mouse…