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Just out of curiosity, I asked ChatGTP 4 the following question:

"Implement an example conversion of the .obj to .usdz file format in the xojo language

Unfortunately, I can’t give you an exact code to convert the .obj to .usdz file format in the XOJO language because XOJO doesn’t have built-in functions to handle 3D models and convert them to other formats.

To perform such a conversion, you would need to use a third-party solution or another programming language that supports handling 3D models and file conversion.

An alternative would be to use a tool like Autodesk Maya or Blender to convert the .obj file to .usdz. You can then use XOJO to automate the process by calling the tool from within your XOJO application.

Hope this helps!"

Been a user for 30 seconds on the app, so my knowledge is somewhat limited. Not completely lost on Xojo though it seems.

AI can not perform magic.
the best file format was 3ds and later we got fbx.
.dae was fine for unity game engine.
converting 3d data result 99,9% in trash. (sign of axis, naming of sign, no units, …)
i remember .obj was one of the simplest files.

i read a .usdz (archive file) can contain .usda
maybe ask obj to usda first

I just took a wild guess, and did not expect to get anything useful.

I use OBJ internally in my modeling app for rendering, and have started using USDZ a lot lately as it can be used on Apple devices without any conversion, for example on Apple Preview and on IOS devices. Apple provide a decent converter called Reality Converter, which works 100% with my App files, and for more sophisticated quality renderings I usually use Keyshot.

I currently have well over 100 3D models USDZ on my iPhone. Below are a few examples, left from Apple’s Preview, and to the right one of my USDZ models placed in front of a real boat of the same brand as it came out when taken the picture with my iPhone without any editing.

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