After deleting last DB record, textfields show info still

I just noticed that after I deleted the last record from a listbox and the listbox is empty, the text fields that were connected to that last listbox record are still showing their data. Normally this data changes by clicking on a record in the listbox, but because there is nothing to click on anymore, that data shows still.

Checking the DB file shows that the last record is indeed deleted, so it’s more a problem of refreshing these text fields. Any suggestions how to do this? And also, is this common to happen?

Yes, this is common, as the content of the fields is not directly connected with a row in the listbox, but filled when you click on a row.
You can add a “clear fields” when nothing is selected in the listbox. This also helps when people click on an empty row in the listbox…

Thanks, I will simply clear all the text fields when deleting a record.