Affinity v2.0 is released today

Hi all,

Just want to tell you that today the long-awaited release of the Affinity Suite v2.0 is released.

This graphical suite consists of Designer (Vector/pixel drawing), Photo (Photo retouching) and Publisher (Desktop Publishing).

I think the most powerful and useful for a developer is Designer. You can draw user interfaces, dialogues and interface objects easily. Designer is truly very powerful.

Also, Publisher can be very useful for creating manuals and printed tutorials. Photo in itself is also very powerful but less useful for a developer.

You can buy each application individually or buy a Universal Licence which gives you also iPad. At this moment there is a very nice discount offer.

I want to make it clear, that I do not receive any benefits or advantages from Serif. I am a normal Affinity user which is so excited about the new release, that I want to share it with you. When you have to build program interfaces, Designer can really be a very good tool.

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Affinity Homepage at Serif Software:


I have been using these apps for a long time. Clearly, there are things that you aren’t going to get if you need some special feature that’s only in subscription nightmares from Adobe. They are worth every penny.

Photo does try to compete with Pro photography software in some cases, and I don’t recommend it for that. I do sell a product in that category through another business called SILKYPIX, which feature-wise competes well with Lightroom, so I am a bit biased, though not when it comes to where it falls short. However Photo has sort of filled the space left empty when Adobe killed Fireworks.

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That makes two of us, Chris. I got tired of Adobe making me “subscription-poor” and went with the whole Affinity suite over a year ago (with perpetual license) and have never looked back. Although I’m not a professional photographer or artist who needs all the bells and whistles of Photoshop, I was extremely surprised at just how robust Affinity Photo was … truthfully, I haven’t had a situation yet in the last year where Affinity Photo lacked the capabilities to do what I needed … and I have turned to it on MANY occasions.

After I bought Version 1 last year, I was pleasantly surprised to see updates to the software come my way for free at various times throughout the year. Now that Version 2 is out, I upgraded (for a VERY nominal price) and have found it to contain a plethora of new and useful features. Can’t say enough good about it! The Adobe Subscription Vampire is done sucking the blood out of my budget!


Great that you also like the Affinity Suite so much. I mainly use Affinity Designer and sometimes Photo and Publisher.

In the past few days, I watched a lot of YouTube videos about v2 in my free time. There are already people creating tutorials about v2.


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