Advice on Image Export

The code below is looking fine, but can it be shorter ?

// b. Save the image in the Destination folder

// [2022-02-23] Select Structure added (was saving as .jpeg)
Select Case File_Extension
Case "gif"
  Resized_Pict.Save(gDestination_FI.Child(Child_Name), Picture.SaveAsGIF)
Case "jpg"
  Resized_Pict.Save(gDestination_FI.Child(Child_Name), Picture.SaveAsJPEG)
Case "png"
  Resized_Pict.Save(gDestination_FI.Child(Child_Name), Picture.Sa
Case "tif"
  Resized_Pict.Save(gDestination_FI.Child(Child_Name), Picture.SaveAsTIFF)
End Select

File_Extension is a text string that came from a user selection PopupMenu.

The code works fine, but not with Xojo 2015r1/El Capitan where the gif export fails. Preview is able to export as .gif as well as High Sierra/Xojo 2021r2.1 (runnin in the IDE).

Ideas ?

var okToExport as boolean var exportFormat as Picture.Formats select case file_extension case "gif" exportFormat=Picture.Formats.GIF okToExport=true .....//all other cases end select if okToExport and Picture.IsExportFormatSupported(exportFormat) then, exportFormat) end if

Thanks Antonio.

Looks the same, but is … different.

Code shared as code formating:

Var okToExport As Boolean
Var exportFormat As Picture.Formats

Select Case file_extension
Case "gif"
  okToExport=True // .....
  //all other cases
End Select

If okToExport And Picture.IsExportFormatSupported(exportFormat) Then, exportFormat)
End If

It gets more lines, and you add a test about if the export format is available… The LR says these format are available for Desktop. That was the reason why I do not tested them.

More ideas ?

var exportFormats() as Picture.Formats=Array(Picture.Formats.GIF, ....)
var exportNames() as string=Array("gif", ...)
var index as integer=exportNames.indexOf(file_extension)
if index>-1 then, exportFormats(index))
end if