Advice for app to download video files

Hello. I’ve been working on an update to my study guide app and am planning on including videos. I finished about 20 videos and was able to compress them to a smaller size, however, the combined file size for the videos alone is just over 700 MB. I’m sure it would be frowned upon to have an app that is going to take nearly 1 GB of storage space. I know I could have these videos housed on YouTube and use an HTML viewer but don’t want them to be available free

I searched around in the forum and think I may have found a solution but wanted to see if you think I am on the right track. Someone posted using a procedure like is found in: Example Projects/Communication/Internet/HTTPDownloader.xojo_binary_project

I tried the example out and think it might work. I tested downloading one of the pdf files from Xojo website, and it saved the pdf to the desktop as expected.

So my questions will be…

  • Where is the best place to store files to be downloaded? I already use Amazon S3 to house my software updates. Would this service work or is there one better?
  • What is the path I would have these saved to? In the example, it saves to the desktop. But where are video files called from in a built app? AppData?
Dim downloadFile As FolderItem = SpecialFolder.Desktop.Child(filename)
  • If I do happen to go this route and have users download the movies from Amazon S3 or other service, how would I play this out in coding? Window is present and lists all the movies. Select one and click download if not present (how do you know if it’s not present?). Then how do you assign the MoviePlayer to play the movie once it’s downloaded? Am I to use GetFolderItem?

Sorry for all the questions. I’ve been moving along with the updates to the app, and it just hit me tonight that I’m going to be in a pickle with the size of the movies

To answer my own question, yes this all works! :slight_smile: Just tested it out using all the functions from the example project, and just changed some things to have the file save to the AppData folder instead of the desktop. Then was able to play the video file by calling to it by way of GetFolderItem. This will be a huge savings without having to distribute a 700 MB+ file app to end users