Advertising found (!) on MediaFire

I get that advertising when I wanted to dosnload a file from MediaFire:

Black Friday
Save 30% on all new licenses!
Create Powerful Apps for the Web & Desktop


We will be doing our Black Friday sale again this year! 30% off all new licenses - Web, Desktop, Console and Database Access - for one day only, Friday, November 29th! The emails will be going out shortly :slight_smile:

Dana when will be one for renewals.

We don’t have a renewal sale to announce at this time.

that is a pity.

i can’t remember the last time they did one for renewals.

I’ve renewed a couple of times on one of their specials. I think they do a special for new licenses and one for renewals every year. Just at different times.

Not every year. The last time for renewal was on 28-01-2011