Advertisements in Xojo web apps?

Hi Xojoers.

Does anyone know how to do the usual website / web app advertisements but do them in a Xojo web app?


Depending on its requirements, either a pagesource control or an htmlviewer should work.


Thank you Jay.

Would those options require recompiling every time ads are changed or is there a way to dynamically load them so recompile isn’t needed?

Can’t edit my post.

I’m guessing with the HTML viewer I can dynamically load different ads so a recompile wouldn’t be needed.

Not sure about the HTML source control though.


Correct, you can change the htmlviewer anytime. You can can change the pagesource, but only when the page is first loaded. So you have to close the page first in order to change it. Of course, every new connection to your app gets a new session, and therefore its own set of new pages.