Advertise App for OSX on Apple Store

There is a method to advertise my app for OSX on Apple Store?

Now, what follows is not advertisement per se, but promotion, which is mighty important IMO.

Don’t forget to enter you product page in

That way you are sure it shows up in searches. Work on the description to improve Google pageRank. See

I also setup a site for each app with a demo version for download, which I link to as author’s site. I have noticed numerous users get the download before purchasing. Enter that site as well in Google.

Make sure the demo is in MacUpdate, CNet, Softonic…

You also may want to explore AddWords, and if not too expensive, purchase a few keywords. See

Finally, don’t discount the influence of medias and blogs. See . They are excellent. If you can afford it, get help of their writing services, at least for the first press release. They are extremely competent.

But is only for iOS or even for OSX?

You are right, it is only for iOS. Sorry.

Which does not invalidate the 11 lines of advice that follow.

#1 You should probably call it “my app for macOS” as Apple changed their naming scheme recently, and we all know what they think of yesterdays things.

#2 Currently not, anything other than iOS is second class in Apple’s terms, some have suggested that the Mac is now fourth class. iPhone, iPad, appleWatch and then Mac. So what’s in their stores today, will be in the Mac store, in about (how long did it take for Siri to come to the Mac?).

#3 See Michel’s advice on promoting outside of the Mac App Store (soon to be know as the macOS App Store).

BTW if you want to advertise, don’t discount the press. Often enough, even a small insert in a paper magazine does much more than banners.

What I said for prMac holds, as they will send to them, but you may want to get in touch with precise journalists in these magazines to peddle your app. It is more efficient dans sending a PR out of the blue to the magazine in general. Each journalist has his pet topics, if your app falls in that category chances are he/she will pay attention. The best is, journalist reviews are usually free.

thank you all for the excellent advice