Adventures in Typography

Been working on an iPad app for the neighborhood council to collect contact information from people attending events. Decided I needed a calendar display so users could easily indicate the date of an event. Made one. I wanted the dates to be right justified so after getting the day number as a string, I prepended a space and used right(2).

It didn’t look right. I thought numbers were supposed to be the same width and that the space was the width of a number. At least in the iPad system font this is not so.


Then I wondered if there was a unicode space character that was the width of a number. There is! It’s &u2007.

Tried again with the system font. No go. The “1” is narrower than the other numbers.

Found that Verdana is on the iPad and that all the numbers are the same width. Further, it does not look out of place on a page with a bunch of stuff in the system font. So, here’s the calendar in Verdana using the numeric space to get things to line up correctly.


Hope this is useful to someone.