Adodb strange crash

Hi everyone,

first sorry for my bad english …

i try to explain my problem.

I want to use adodbconnection, with the code below:

Dim adodbConnection As New OLEObject( "ADODB.Connection" )

dim connectionstring as string="DSN=Mydsn; UID=MyID; PWD=Mypass;"

if adodbConnection.state=1 then
  MessageBox("Not connected")
end if


to perform my test, i create a very simple app that had just one button with a action event. This event call a method (my code up).

everything work. I connect my ODCB through the DNS with the user and the password. I can’t click the button many time it(s work.

But… because always a but …

When i leave the application a few minute and i try to click my button to re-call the method… hanging… App no responding and i had to kill the app.

System: window server 2016
Xojo 2019r3.1 (on mac)

Any clue?