AddRow to Listbox since Release 2023R3

Hi there,

I’ve created a Web application in 2023R1.1 where I have a container object for Listbox with additional functionality.
In 2023R1.1 this works fine. But when I run this in 2023R3 (or 2023R3.1) the listbox only get populated when it consist of only 1 column.
This is the actual code line:

ListBox1.AddRow arr()

The advantage of it is that you can be flexible in the number of columns.
Of course, before this line, the ColumnCount property of Listbox1 will be set to the correct number of columns.

Does anyone has a clue why this works in 2023R1.1 but not in 2023R3x anymore?


The underlying control was updated (datatables).

You can create an Issue for this for @Ricardo_Cruz to review.

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Please create a new Issue with a sample project and I’ll review it. Thanks in advance! :pray:t2:

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