AddRow lines with Underscore character

I’m watching Paul’s “Using SQLite” webinar and notice the following code:

TeamList.AddRow(teamRS.Field("Name").StringValue, _
TeamList.AddRow(teamRS.Field("Manager").StringValue, _

What is the significance of the underscore at the end of line 1 and 2?

That allows you to break up a long line of code over several lines.

I was just thinking that might be it, since Xojo doesn’t use something like a semi-colon to signify the end of a line of code. Thanks.

Is that the actual code? Looks wrong to me …

Correction …

TeamList.AddRow(teamRS.Field("Name").StringValue, _
   teamRS.Field("Manager").StringValue, _

Yup :wink:

uhmmm… please do not call me “Korinthenkacker” (german idom for nitpicker)… but never put strings from database direct into UI without checking/ converting Encodings…

Rosinenscheißer! :wink:

But good advice nonetheless …