Addressing PDA Device

I am new to PDA’s and can’t find info on how to address a synchronized folder on the PDA from an Xojo program.
I wrote a program which, among other things, outputs a grocery list as a text file. I have also written a ppc program for the PDA which reads the file and displays the list. This all works fine but I have to drag the text file from the Windows folder to the PDA folder. I don’t know how to access the PDA folder from my Xojo program. Windows explorer shows me C, D, and hwade PDA. However, if I try to use “computer\hwade PDA\\\My Documents” etc, it fails. In other words, how do I address hwade PDA as it it were just another drive on my desktop machine? (I have a synchronized folder under hwade PDA). My PDA is an old Axim X30 which works fine but documentation is scant. My desktop is Windows 8 so I have to use Windows Mobile Device Center.

If this PDA is actually mounted as a drive, then maybe you can get at it using Volume and VolumeCount:

I believe your Axim PDA runs the old PalmOS, which is completely dead. HP bought it, tried to revive it as WebOS, but that is dead too.

The answer to your question is the old PalmOS had a “hot sync” function, which also had a API for use on the host PC. It wasn’t too difficult to master the API, but does require a lot of documentation which may or may not be available.

That’s right - PalmOS went the way of the dodo bird. Axim now uses Windows Mobil. My problem is that I can’t seem to write to any of the PDA’s folders as listed by Windows Explorer. I tried the snippet Paul suggested and the volumes are C,D,E,F,G,H. I figured that Windows was seeing hwade PDA as E and when I substitute E for hwade PDA, I get a folder item OK but can’t open an output stream. However, when I drag the target file from another folder to the appropriate folder under hwade PDA, everything works like a charm. I just thought it would be more efficient when initially creating the output file, to create it right in the hwade PDA sub folder rather than another desktop folder and skip the dragging step!

Thanks for your reply and insight.