AddressBookRecord shown as AddressBookContact in Debugger?

Is this a bug in debugger or am I (again) getting something wrong?

As you can see here, I make a search over a copy of the system.addressbook and store the results in an array of AddressbookRecords. So far, so fine.

dim contactsfound() as AddressBookRecord = app.PhoneBook.Find(s) dim vergleich() as string for q = 0 to ubound (contactsfound) dim test as AddressBookRecord = contactsfound(q)
Then follows a lengthy loop where I pick the addressbookentries by comparing their UIDs to the ones in contacts found. I thought I could speed this up by examining the values of the Addressbookrecords found in Contactsfound, but when I try to, the debugger tells me test is an AddressBookContact instead of an AddressbookRecord. I know Record is the base class for Contact, but shouldn’t the debugger show the chosen class?

(And looking upon it: I loop through this from 0 to ubound without a crash. Shouldn’t this be ubound -1 instead?)

I’m really puzzled by this class, especially as I cannot look into the properties of test in the debugger: Test shows neither the UniqueID for a Record nor the other properties for a Contact:

Bug or a case of RTFM?

The bug is you.

The record is the super class for the contact. The function returns records as it may be a contact or a record.
Unique ID may simply not be a property in debugger. It could be a method instead.

Thx, Christian, and I will try not to take that as an insult :smiley:

Now running away into the corner under my desk, carefully avoiding the cobwebs around.