(OSX 10.9.3)
AddressBookContact Import

all is ok (Name, email, Phones …)

Homepage.Value does not work
(I have specially created a testuser, with 4 homepage addresses)

    If Contacts(i).Homepage.Count >= 1 Then
      lb.Cell(lb.LastIndex,6) = Contacts(i).Homepage.Value(0)

is the code wrong?

Homepage is a single property, not an array.

and apple deprecated Homepage in favor of URLs property.

I tested some things:

[code] Dim Book as AddressBook = System.AddressBook
Dim myContact as AddressBookContact = Book.CurrentUser

// empty
MsgBox myContact.Homepage

dim a as new ABAddressBookMBS
dim p as ABPersonMBS = a.owner

// also empty
MsgBox p.valueForProperty(a.kABHomePageProperty)

// and this works and shows first URL
dim m as ABMultiValueMBS = p.valueForProperty(a.kABURLsProperty)
MsgBox m.valueAtIndex(0)[/code]

and the last one via plugin works.
So you can fill bug report for Xojo or use plugin.