AddressBook Homepage doesn't work


I did similar code for phone numbers and emails and it works. I did another code with AddressBookAddress and it works too.
But i can’t read any website.

Dim CeBook as AddressBook
Dim CesContacts(-1) as AddressBookContact
Dim CesDatas as AddressBookData
' Dim CetAddresse as AddressBookAddress
Dim NbContacts, iLign, jNbre, Fin_jNbre as Int16
Dim CesSitesWeb as String
Dim CesNoTel as String

CeBook = System.AddressBook
CesContacts = CeBook.Contacts
NbContacts = Ubound(CesContacts)
For iLign = 0 to NbContacts
  CesDatas = CesContacts(iLign).Homepage
  Fin_jNbre = CesDatas.Count - 1 ' Count retourne 0 si pas de Datas
  For jNbre = 0 to Fin_jNbre
    CesSitesWeb = CesSitesWeb + CesDatas.Value(jNbre) + EndOfLine
  Next jNbre
  CesDatas = CesContacts(iLign).PhoneNumbers
  Fin_jNbre = CesDatas.Count - 1 ' Count retourne 0 si pas de Datas
  For jNbre = 0 to Fin_jNbre
    CesNoTel = CesNoTel + CesDatas.Value(jNbre) + EndOfLine
  Next jNbre
Next iLign

MsgBox "'" + CesSitesWeb + "'"
MsgBox "'" + CesNoTel + "'"

CesSitesWeb contains only EndOfLine (empty).
CesNoTel contains the phone numbers (it’s ok).

I searched in Feedback and I found bug which are many years ago (and not same problem).
Do I do something wrong or is it a bug ?

Did you try MBS classes?

Homepage property is deprecated by Apple long ago in favor of URLs property with homepage label.

Thank you Christian, but as I’m a hobbits I can’t buy additional products like your (very good) plugins.
By the way, I understand your plugin add functions to Xojo, but in this case it correct bugs right ? Even if Apple changed Homepage property to url, Xojo should change the same way I think. Homepage is not deprecated in Xojo documentation.

Thomas, can you file a bug report?

The docs link you mention was last updated on 2010. I guess Homepage changed to URL address or something, because I can get notes, emails, etc. but not the urls stored.

Please fill a feedback case.

PS: We do have academic licenses and also offer trial licenses.

It appears AddressBookContact.AIMScreenNames, HomePage, ICQNumbers, JabberScreenNames, MSNScreenNames, YahooScreenNames were all deprecated or removed by Apple some time ago. I’ve updated our docs to also show them as deprecated.

@Paul Lefebvre you updated the information saying there is no replacement for HomePage property, is that for Xojo? I think Apple is using URLAddresses now (I see Christian already said that).

I see other properties too, like SocialProfiles, InstantMessagesAddresses, OrganizationName.

Any plans to add those to Xojo?

Right now, Xojo has no replacement. Submit feature requests if you’d like new stuff added.

Ok, thank you all. Then I do not need to fill a bug report.

I need to import contacts in one of my Xojo program. I will use AppleScript to import SiteWeb (if I can with AppleScript).

Edit : HomePage doesn’t work in AppleScript, but url does.
But I don’t understand, in AppleScript HomePage was a simple text (string) value, if my memory is good we couldn’t enter more than one siteweb, like we enter only one LastName, FirstName etc. . Now, with url we can enter many website like many PhoneNumber. And Xojo manage HomePage like PhoneNumber, not like LastName. Then Xojo did the job to manage many websites in one contacts.

No, but you can fill a feature request on Feedback for this and the other properties not supported yet.

I created a feature request in FeeBack : <>