Addressbook deprecated?

I think it was Christian Schmitz who wrote that Apples Addressbook classes are deprecated and that one should use Apples contacts framework instead.

The Xojo Addressbook classes seem to work fine when I tested it with a sandboxed 64bit app on macOS High Sierra.
(The Xojo Addressbook example works well, after this little tweak:

I want to add sync capabilities to our inhouse CRM application, so that users can synchronise selected groups of contacts with the contacts on their mobile devices (iphones, ipads).

Now the Xojo Addressbook classes are only in the old framework and seem to base on the deprecated Apple classes.

So I wonder if I’d better use the MBS CNContact classes instead, now that we have full 64bit support in Xojo?

What do you think?


My contacts classes are here:

Moving to Contacts is not so urgent right now.
For new projects in 64bit only, please use Contacts.

And if you like, I can add more convenience functions.