Address computers on a local network

I have several computers on a local area network. I have an xojo database on one that I would like to programmatically access and update from any computer. I can’t seem to work out how to address the file without going through the manual APPLE connection process. Is this possible? If so, help with the addressing would be appreciated

Art Peters

you mean a sqlite database ?
if so then its JUST a file and you will need access to the computer as a mounted volume locally to use it

Map a shared drive designation on all the computers pointing to whereever the database is .

I have an SQLLite DB mounted on a NAS server and all my LAN computers can get to it. Before that I had it hosted on one of the computers itself

I did mean an SQLite database file on one of the computers.

Norman, Can I mount another computer’s volume containing the db file on a computer programmatically? That is when I open a program on one computer is there a way the program can mount the db resident on another computer?

Dave, It sounds as if your previous method is what I may be seeking. One computer with the db is powered always. Others are on and off. When I boot up and start the program that uses the db, I would like to automatically access the ‘on’ computer with the db. Currently, everything works well but I would like to be able to eliminate the manual network signup process each time.

You could make an alias to the database file on the local machine then have your app open the alias & it would ask for user name & password and mount the machine and away you go.

I’m sure others can think of other ways to do this :slight_smile:

You can use UDP socket to ‘discover’ services. So your server will listen the a request and your client broadcasts a ‘ping’ and the server responds. This way the client then lists the machines that responded to the ping.

As long as you’re not using OS X 10.10 you should be fine!